The Bancroft Minden Forest Company is a private organization owned by the forest industry of the area. It was staffed and incorporated in 1998 to conduct forest management activities on Crown land in the Bancroft Minden Forest Management Unit.

The Bancroft Minden Forest Company (BMFC) holds the SFL for the Bancroft Minden Forest Management Unit on behalf of 26 shareholders. The license has a 20 year term, and is renewed every 5 years by the Minister of Natural Resources based on the results of an independent audit of company operations.

Our mandate includes:

  • preparing a Forest Management Plan (FMP) every 10 years, with the assistance of a Local Citizens’ Committee. This document outlines projected harvest and renewal activities. MNR also participates in the preparation of the plan and, ultimately approves it.
  • preparing prescriptions for each operation which describe in detail what will take place.
  • monitoring all harvest and renewal operations to ensure compliance with the FMP and many other legislated requirements, and reporting our observations to MNR.
  • renewing areas harvested to standards described in an approved plan and reporting results to MNR.
  • preparing annual reports for approval by MNR which describe our progress in implementing the FMP.

bmfc management unit map